The Red Hill Signature Quilt

The “Signature ” or “Autograph” quilt that was sold at this year’s In-Gathering was made by some of the members of the Red Hill Association of Universalist Women and sold at In-

The Red Hill Signature Quilt was originally sold in 1956 at the In-Gathering fund-raiser for the church. The first In-Gathering was in 1946.

gathering in September 1956 at Red Hill Universalist Church in Sampson County, NC. Eugene Matthis bought the quilt that day. After Uncle Gene and Aunt Obie died, Aunt Ileene Matthis gave the quilt to Billy Peterson, who donated it for the Ingathering auction in September 2005 in memory of those who were instrumental in getting Ingathering started. (*) Billy and Monroe Matthis have squares on the quilt, but Billy says they were “probably playing under the quilt in its frame as the ladies did their quilting and visiting”.
William K. Hardeman bought the quilt in 2005, then donated it for resale at the Ingathering auction in September 2012, where it was purchased by Elizabeth Matthis Brown, daughter of Clyde Knowles Matthis, both of whom made a square for the quilt.
The quilt is part of the 1985-1986 North Carolina Quilt Project sponsored by the North Carolina Museum of History and the North Carolina Quilt Symposium, Inc. They photographed & measured the quilt, identified the pattern and recorded information about the history of the quilt, then tagged it with an identification number, “BL124”, which can be used to locate information about the quilt on the North Carolina Museum of History database.
Those whose names are on the quilt are:
“Clyde” = Clyde Knowles Matthis
“Ileene” = Ileene Matthis
“EKC” = Esther Knowles Carter
“Obie” = Obie Ezzell Matthis
“Minnie” = Minnie Ezzell
“VKM” = Virginia Knowles Matthis
“Juanita” = Juanita Knowles Matthis
“Sadie” = Sadie Head Knowles
“Eva” = Eva Ezzell Knowles
“MHM” = Mary Henry Vann Matthis
“AKH” = Allie Knowles Hill
“Lou K” = Lou Ezzell Knowles
“Billy” = Billy Peterson*
“Josephine” = Josephine Matthis Peterson
“Monroe” = Monroe Matthis*
“EM” = Elizabeth Matthis (Brown)**

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